Wessex Dung Beetle Paddock Cleaner



Tine bar fitted to assist with removal of stubborn dung piles. ATV / UTV remote throttle

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RRP £5,688.00.00 inc VAT.

Regular sweeping with the Dung Beetle will keep the paddocks free of horse droppings, dead grass and twigs – ensuring a clean, healthy environment for the horses. The grooming action of the bristles will also encourage fresh new growth of healthy grass – a benefit not gained with a vacuum-type machine.

The Wessex Dung Beetle is powered by a 5½ hp Loncin petrol engine, and drive is transmitted to the rotor via twin drive belts. A centrifugal clutch allows the operator to engage/disengage the rotor brush from the seat.

The adjustable spring tines rake through the grass & loosen any stubborn muck to aid the brushes with the collection.

When full, the hopper is rolled over with the aid of the winch, to give a clean discharge into a neat heap on the ground using finely balanced pivot points to ensure an easy roll-over

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